RSAT on Windows 8 Doesn’t install

I have been installing the Remote Server Administration Tools for Windows 8 and the installation didn't seem to do anything on my nice, Windows 8 OS.  It is supposed to automatically install all tools, but I get no errors and no registered management consoles 🙁

Thankfully I found the fix.

I read on the internet that it could be a language issue, so I ventured onto TechNet.

  1. I downloaded the Windows 8 Language pack "mu_windows_8_language_pack_x64_dvd_917544.iso"
  2. I right clicked on the ISO and chose mount in the menu (which mounted the ISO to an available drive letter)
  3. I right clicked the bottom left hand corner of my PC and ran "Command Prompt (Admin)"
  4. I then typed in dism /online /add-package /packagepath:<Insert Mounted drive letter here>:\langpacks\en-us
  5. Then I re-ran the installation and amazingly enough, it installed :):):)

NOTE: I did find the public version of the language pack  you may be able to bypass this process, using the details held in this link, but I have not tried it.

I hope this helps someone else.

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  1. Ed says:

    Here's a question: Why do ewe need to install the language pack if my OS language is English and I download the English version?

  2. james says:

    I use en-gb as my default preferred language as this is the most correct form of English. However for some stupid reason Microsoft has managed to make my life miserable again. 1. RSAT only support a handful of languages among them en-us and en-es and not
    en-gb default display languages. Why would they do that? Wait for windows 8.2 release… 2. The user interface in windows 8 & 8.1 is absolute rubbish. (Crap touch interface / desktop OS. Get an apple tablet they work. Stick to server/desktop OS solutions. Leave
    the mobile world for the people that know what they are doing. Anyway would have thought it was so easy, if only we knew where to look for it.) Took me over an hour to figure out how to install the en-us language pack. Since it’s nowhere available on the internet.
    Solution: Go to your control panel Add a Language  add English (United States) move it to the Top of the language list. (Might need a restart at this point, if so come straight back here.) Now for the tricky part. Double click on the English (United States)
    block, yes double click. There you will find a link saying: “Download and install language pack”. This will download the 100MB plus file and install. Once completed restart and install RSAT (no need to go to install additional features etc., should be there
    in your start menu (another fine example of development 8.1 upgrade release 4gb download just to add a start button, a lot of code went into that. Well done MS peeps!!!) . enjoy. PS. Awesome documentation Microsoft, knew exactly what to do and where to go
    with your exceptional online documentation. Should give that team of 5 year olds a huge bonus for making these wonderful online guides.

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