InfoPath and "Cannot create InfoPath.ExternalApplication object. Error code = 0x80080005"

Hi again,

        I was just installing a InfoPath related package for InfoPath 2013, on Windows 8 and I ran into the following error:

Cannot create InfoPath.ExternalApplication object. Error code = 0x80080005


no matter what I did, I could not seem to get around it and there appears to be very little help on the internet for it.  I tried the following:

  1. Run in Compatibility mode
  2. Run in an elevated permission command prompt
  3. Made sure I was a local admin
  4. repaired InfoPath just in case it had an issue

None of the above fixed the problem.  I then saw a issue on TechNet relating to InfoPath "How to Use the Query Builder for View Filters and Advanced Searches" ( and figured I would give that a go.


I altered the reg key to match my version of office:



and created a sub key called "QueryBuilder"


When I restarted the installation of the InfoPath related package, it all installed and ran perfectly. So I thought I would make a note 🙂


Catch you later.



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