WSUSScn2.CAB Manual download location

When using MBSA in an offline mode, it is sometimes required to download the catalogue file manually (due to firewall restricitions on some PCs etc) The below link will enable you to download it. I hope you will find this useful as I can never remember where this bad boy is 🙂

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  1. Anonymous says:

    Link above and many like it to download the above file, stalls at 24% for a length of time then gets to 99% stalls then eventually fails, this is atempting to download using wsusoffline and directly in the browser IE, firefox, opera, tried it on a mac also in safari and on wifi at local library – any confirmed links that work?

  2. Galane says:

    Thanks for this! Wsusoffline is currently having issues with downloading it.

  3. CanBerra says:

    "Thanks for this! Wsusoffline is currently having issues with downloading it."

    This is case for several months now and not just currently.

  4. Pablez Casillas says:

    Thanks a lot… My problem was the same of Galane… Now Wsusoffline works!!!

    Thanks Again

  5. Mark says:

    How did we know if this is the latest cab file?

  6. Pablez Casillas says:

    just download it and test it on wsusoffline

  7. Pablez Casillas says:

    i've finished now and i see it's working, from a mac with google chrome…

  8. nada says:

    @ GNTZ: I had the same problem. I have to deactivate web-scanning at my antivirus software to download wsusscn2.

  9. ja says:

    @nada thx it worked!

  10. TheGeKo says:

    Downloading for use with WSUS Offline , WSUSSCN2.CAB

    neccessary in folder wsusoffline(version)-wsusoffline-client-wsus


  11. Dav says:

    esto no funciona para windows 2003 server

  12. Chiliman says:

    Thanks, Appreciate the help. What about the accompanying CAB .DAT file? Expect I would need that as well?

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