Draft whitepaper: Virtual Server versus Virtual PC

Update: This whitepaper is now available on Microsot.com at http://download.microsoft.com/download/1/4/d/14d17804-1659-435d-bc11-657a6da308c0/VSvsVPC.doc. Thanks to those of you who gave me comments on the draft. ———————————————————————— Here’s a draft of a whitepaper I’m working on that will ultimately be posted on Microsoft.com. Comments and suggestions would be appreciated. Thanks! ** This information is provided as-is with no warranties. **…


Virtual PC versus Virtual Server

Althea wants to know what the difference is between Virtual PC and Virtual Server, and when she would use one versus the other. The fundamental difference between Virtual PC and Virtual Server is that Virtual PC is designed for desktop (or “client” or “PC”) operating systems and Virtual Server is designed for server operating systems….