Virtual Machine Additions for Windows Server 2003 SP1

The virtual machine team is “pedal to the metal” developing and testing an update for Virtual Machine Additions. This update will make Windows Server 2003 SP1 run better in virtual machines running under the release version of Virtual Server 2005. As soon as the new VM Additions are available, I’ll let you know.


Steve Ballmer on Microsoft’s virtualization strategy

In his keynote address this morning at Microsoft Management Summit 2005, Steve Ballmer reaffirmed Microsoft’s commitment to the Dynamic Systems Initiative (DSI), of which virtualization is a key component. Ballmer explained that Microsoft is increasing investment in both virtualization and virtualization management technology, describing near-term product improvements and laying out a long-term strategy for both areas….


Announcing Virtual Server 2005 SP1 Beta

This morning at Microsoft Management Summit 2005, Steve Ballmer  announced the availability of Virtual Server 2005 Service Pack 1 (SP1) Beta. To view an on-demand Web cast of Steve’s talk (including Jeff Woolsey’s demonstration of Virtual Server 2005 SP1), go to SP1 contains the latest software updates for Virtual Server 2005. SP1 includes the…


Windows Server 2003 SP1 as a guest operating system

As you may know, Windows Server 2003 SP1 has been released, and a lot of people will be rushing to upgrade their virtual machines. If you’re thinking about doing this, though, plan on postponing it for a bit. Virtual Server 2005 was released many months before Windows Server 2003 SP1, and the Virtual Machine Additions are…


Virtual Server 2005 Service Pack 1 – features and availability

Here’s what Kurt Schmucker, the program manager for Virtual Server 2005 Service Pack 1 says about the release: “As with typical service packs from Microsoft, Virtual Server 2005 Service Pack 1 will be primarily a rollup of fixes we have seen since the product was released to improve performance and increase scalability. In addition, with Service…