New article: Virtual Server Performance Tips

Jeff Woolsey has written this article to help you optimize the performance of your virtual machines – Thanks Jeff! PS: I’m back from my vacation (which was grand!).


New article on estimating system capacity

I just posted an article on figuring out how much system capacity a host computer will need in order to run a given set of virtual machines. You can find it in the Deployment section ( Happy estimating,Megan


New tool for precompacting virtual hard disks

Compacting your dynamically expanding virtual hard disks (VHDs) reduces the amount of disk space they use. Preparing a disk and compacting it is covered in the Virtual Server 2005 Administrator’s Guide, so I won’t go into it here. What’s new is this: you used to have to use a third-party tool to zero out available blank…


Increasing the speed of an OS install

I’ve just added an article contributed by Jeff Woolsey, Virtual Server Program Manager, to the “Deployment” category ( that describes how to increase the speed of an operating system installation when you’re using emulated SCSI disks.

Virtual PC 2004 SP1 available for download

Some of you may not know that Virtual PC 2004 Service Pack 1 (SP1) is now available. It includes some fixes as well as reliability, performance, and management improvements. It’s also essential if you want to run Windows XP with Service Pack 2. To download SP1, go to

Misbehaving virtual machines

If your virtual machines consistently hang or your keyboard and mouse behaves irratically, you can try one or more of the following remedies: First of all, if the virtual machines are hanging, make sure you’ve got enough available memory and CPU for the combined requirements of the currently running virtual machines as well as the host. If…