Article: “PCI Express Spec Updated” (06/07)

Here’s a tidbit I learned about from Dave Kowalsky. Thanks Dave! Summary: At its annual conference in SanJose, the PCI Special Interest Group detailed updates and extensions to the PCI Express specification that could drive annual silicon updates through 2007. The SIG outlined six new directions for Express, taking the serial technology into areas…


Branch Office Infrastructure Solution — with automation tools

The Branch Office Infrastructure Solution has been published on TechEd. It uses virtualization technologies and includes tools for automating the creation of virtual machines, among lots of other good stuff. Go take a look!  From the download page: “The Branch Office Infrastructure Solution (BOIS) deliverables provide conceptual information to facilitate the definition and deployment…


Recent articles on Microsoft’s virtualization roadmap

From ComputerWorld, “Q&A: Microsoft’s Bob Muglia discusses virtualization plans” –,10801,102332,00.html  Also from ComputerWorld, “Sidebar: Under the Hood: The Soul of a Virtual Machine” (they say imitation is the sincerest form of flattery!) –,10801,101243,00.html From The Register, “Microsoft’s Virtual Server to become a ‘feature’ in 2009” – 


New article: Virtual Server Performance Tips

Jeff Woolsey has written this article to help you optimize the performance of your virtual machines – Thanks Jeff! PS: I’m back from my vacation (which was grand!).


Virtual Server Performance Tips

Here are some guidelines for optimizing the performance of your virtual machines from Jeff Woolsey, Lead Program Manager for virtual machine technologies here at Microsoft. Thanks Jeff! ———————————- Hardware virtualization is an extremely powerful tool. When wielded properly, virtualization can result in benefits such as: Higher Server Utilization: Fewer physical servers needed and running with…