Tip: Changing a VHD from IDE to SCSI

You can easily change your virtual hard disk (VHD) attachment from IDE to SCSI:

  1. Shut down the guest operating system.
  2. Add a SCSI adapter to the virtual machine, if one isn't already available (under "Virtual Machine" Configuration, click SCSI adapters and then click Add).
  3. Turn on the virtual machine and verify in Device Manager that the Microsof Virtual Machine PCI SCSI Controller is installed (it should be listed under SCSI and RAID controllers).
  4. Shut down the guest operating system and change the attachment of the VHD from IDE to SCSI (under "Virtual Machine" Configuration, click Hard disks and in the Attachment box, select the appropriate attachment).
  5. Turn on the virtual machine.

Comments (5)

  1. randy says:

    I just ran across your blog (nice blog, i like it) trying to figure out how to migrate our 9 Virtual PC’s to Virtual Server 2005. I’m completely new to Virtual Server 2005, but I do have MCSE experience of over a decade. I can see that the IDE to SCSI gets me part of the way, but do you know of a white paper or such that could point me in the right direction for the rest of the way?

  2. Hi Randy, You should be able to move a virtual machine from Virtual PC to Virtual Server and back. The virtual machine must be shut down — you cannot move the saved state files back and forth. Also, bear in mind that some features of Virtual PC are not supported in Virtual Server and vice versa. The biggest one to remember is that Virtual Server supports SCSI disks and Virtual PC does not. For more information, see "Understand the implications of using Virtual Server with Virtual PC 2004" in the "Best Practices" topic of the Virtual Server 2005 Administrator’s Guide.

    Hope this helps,


  3. Oops. I almost forgot to mention — after you move a virtual machine from VPC to Virtual Server or vice versa, remember to reinstall the Virtual Machine Additions. The virtual machine will not function properly unless you’re running the appropriate version of Virtual Machine Additions (e.g., the one that shipped with the product you’re currently running the virtual machine under).


  4. Misho says:

    Thank you for the information!

  5. Frank says:

    When the device IDE is the boot device of the OS and you change it to SCSI won’t that cause a problem with the bootldr/boot.ini? I’m testing it now, my problem is that windows 2008 nolonger uses boot.ini and instead a utility called bcdedit which I am not familiar with, yet!

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