How Microsoft is using Virtual Server

Many of you would like to know how Virtual Server is being used at Microsoft. Here’s a response from Jeff Woolsey, Lead Program Manager for virtualization. Thanks Jeff! Virtual Server is being used in a variety of ways at Microsoft, including for test and development and online training, such as Microsoft Learning. Test and Development Virtual…


Tip: Opening the Administration Website over a remote connection

If you’re connected to Virtual Server over a Terminal Services or Remote Desktop connection, you’ll get a “Page cannot be displayed” error if you try to launch the Administration Website from the shortcut on the Start menu. Instead, you can provide this URL in Internet Explorer: http://server_IP_address:VS_port, where server_IP_address is the IP address of the…


Tip: Turning off the virtual machine beep

If you want to turn off the beep that sounds when you turn on a virtual machine, you can run the following two commands. The first stops the BEEP service and the second disables it on subsequent reboots.  net stop beep sc config beep start= disabled  (Be sure to include a space after the = sign.)


Tip: Speeding up application installation

If you want your applications to install more quickly in a virtual machine, do this: After you install the guest operating system, install Virtual Machine Additions, restart the virtual machine, and then install the applications.


Tip: How an app can discover it’s running in a virtual machine

Here’s a tip from Paul Adare (author of Paul’s Digital Lounge and Cigar Bar). If you want an application to discover it’s running in a virtual machine, you can do the following: You could query the registry for the existence of the HKLM\SOFTWARE\Microsoft\Virtual Machine key. Or you could use an WMI query, such as this:…


Tip: Changing a VHD from IDE to SCSI

You can easily change your virtual hard disk (VHD) attachment from IDE to SCSI: Shut down the guest operating system. Add a SCSI adapter to the virtual machine, if one isn’t already available (under “Virtual Machine” Configuration, click SCSI adapters and then click Add). Turn on the virtual machine and verify in Device Manager that the…


Steve Ballmer’s remarks on virtualization at MMS 2005

In his keynote address this morning at Microsoft Management Summit 2005, Steve Ballmer talked about Microsoft’s virtualization strategy. The following is excerpted from the transcript of this address. To read the complete transcript, go to: Increased Virtualization CapabilitiesVirtualization, I think, is an area of intense interest and activity throughout our industry these days, certainly…


Steve Ballmer on Microsoft’s virtualization strategy

In his keynote address this morning at Microsoft Management Summit 2005, Steve Ballmer reaffirmed Microsoft’s commitment to the Dynamic Systems Initiative (DSI), of which virtualization is a key component. Ballmer explained that Microsoft is increasing investment in both virtualization and virtualization management technology, describing near-term product improvements and laying out a long-term strategy for both areas….


Announcing Virtual Server 2005 SP1 Beta

This morning at Microsoft Management Summit 2005, Steve Ballmer  announced the availability of Virtual Server 2005 Service Pack 1 (SP1) Beta. To view an on-demand Web cast of Steve’s talk (including Jeff Woolsey’s demonstration of Virtual Server 2005 SP1), go to SP1 contains the latest software updates for Virtual Server 2005. SP1 includes the…


VirtualStrategy Magazine interview: PowerRecon

Platespin CEO, Stephen Pollack, talked to VirtualStrategy Magazine about PowerRecon, Platespin’s new tool for consolidation planning. Read all about it at