Reader poll – what topics to cover in this blog

So far, I’ve been scanning internal and external newsgroups to figure out what the “hot” topics are to cover in this blog. But judging by the consistent number of visitors I’m getting, this blog has quite a few regular readers. So I’d like to find out what topics you’d like to see covered. Along with…


Sysprepping virtual machines

You might want to create a “base” virtual machine with an operating system and applications, and then copy its .vhd file to use for other virtual machines. Before you make copies of the .vhd, however, it’s important to run Sysprep in the guest operating system. This way, the first time you start a virtual machine that…


Sysprepping a virtual machine

I learned how to do this at TechEd 2004 in a lab led by Robert Larson, one of our resident Virtual Server gurus. You can create a “base” virtual machine with the operating system and applications you want, and then copy its .vhd file to use for other virtual machines. When you do this, it’s…


Windows Server team is looking for great tech writers

I know this is slightly off topic, but Windows Server User Assistance has a number of openings for technical writers, and if we fill the positions, I’ll have more time to write in this blog. To qualify, you need to have a strong background and preferably hands-on experience in IT, in addition to excellent writing skills. The positions…


Using virtual machines for testing

Using virtual machines for testing software and patches is really catching on at Microsoft, and for good reason. Find out why in my new article published under the Develpment and Test category (


Using virtual machines for testing

Using virtual machines for software development, software testing, and patch testing is really catching on at Microsoft – and for good reason: Hardware goes farther: Using virtual machines instead of physical hardware allows you to do more testing with fewer resources. Note that this isn’t a universal panacea because some testing scenarios must be performed…


Virtual Server script repository

You probably already know that Virtual Server provides a complete set of COM interfaces for programmatic management (see Start > All Programs > Microsoft Virtual Server > Virtual Server Programmer’s Guide). But did you know about the Virtual Server script repository on TechNet? It contains sample scripts for tasks such as managing virtual hard disks,…


Virtual Server 2005 Service Pack 1 – features and availability

Here’s what Kurt Schmucker, the program manager for Virtual Server 2005 Service Pack 1 says about the release: “As with typical service packs from Microsoft, Virtual Server 2005 Service Pack 1 will be primarily a rollup of fixes we have seen since the product was released to improve performance and increase scalability. In addition, with Service…


Connecting virtual machines to separate physical networks

You can attach each virtual machine running under the same instance of  Virtual Server to a separate physical network and also isolate the virtual machine network traffic from the host, as follows: On the network adapters (NICs) to which you will attach your virtual machines, unbind all services except the Virtual Machine Network Service. Instructions…


HP Webinar: Virtual Machine Management Pack

HP is delivering a live Webinar on January 14, 2005 on Virtual Machine Management. Here’s the description from HP: “Learn the advantages of virtual machine technology and understand how the Virtual Machine Management Pack allows you to manage and control the VMWare and Microsoft Virtual Server resources in your environment.” To register, go to