About This Virtual Server Blog

Hi, I'm Megan Davis, a technical writer at Microsoft. I helped write the documentation for Virtual Server 2005 and wrote all of the documentation for Virtual Server 2005 Migration Toolkit and Virtual Server Management Pack for MOM 2005. I started this blog while working on Virtual Server, and although I recently moved to the BizTalk Server team, still have lots left to say about virtualization, so will keep blogging on it.

On this blog I've provided some links that I hope you'll find helpful. In addition, I monitor the newsgroups for popular topics to write about. If you have requests for particular information or know of other links I could include, I hope you'll send them to me.

Thanks for stopping by. Have a great day!

PS - By popular demand, here's a photo of the Windows Server Core Content team. I'm in the front wearing sunglasses. From left to right: Trina, Althea (the boss), me, Joe, Cynthia, Jan, Kathy, Michael, and Jill. Patrick is taking the picture.


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  1. Althea says:

    Nice to see this up 🙂

    OK, what’s the difference between Virtual PC and Virtual Server, and when would I need to use one over the other?


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