New KB: How to use the Process Monitor tool to generate a log file for an application in the MED-V virtual environment

Here’s a new MED-V KB article we published this morning that shows you how to use ProcMon to generate a log file for an application in the MED-V virtual environment: ===== Summary This article describes how to use the Process Monitor tool (ProcMon.exe) to generate a log file for an application in the Microsoft MED-V…


Understanding and Troubleshooting MED-V v2 URL Redirection

Hi everyone, Steve Thomas here and I wanted to take a minute to talk about understanding and troubleshooting MED-V v2 URL redirection.  One of the most important reasons for deploying MED-V v2 is for legacy Internet Explorer browser compatibility. Like in V1, URL redirection is included to enhance the user experience and to ensure that…


Various Encryption-Related Errors, Causes, and Resolutions in MED-V v1

In previous blog posts, the importance of maintaining consistency of encryption key pairs across MED-V policy servers was discussed as well as proactive maintenance and backups of workspace keys. The following are some more various problems that can result from failing to properly decrypt the MED-V image that will be used by the workspace. ERROR:…


Troubleshooting Event ID 52 Errors in MED-V 1.0

Has this ever happened to you? You prepare a Virtual PC image for use with MED-V and you get the following error: “Failed to start Workspace <workspacename>”. Event ID 52 This is immediately followed a list of five possible causes. I would like to go over these causes as well as the 6th potential cause….


MED-V printing options, plus some common printing related issues and resolutions

Printing in MED-V is pretty straight forward. You have two options for printing from MED-V workspaces: Printing from within the guest operating system and redirecting guest operating system printer output to the host printer subsystem (local printer redirection.) Local Printer Redirection This is where the MED-V published application uses the MED-V Local Printer object. This…


Disabling "Allow Third-Party Browser Extensions" Group Policy will Prevent Web Redirection from Working in MED-V 1.0

Here’s an interesting issue that you may run into when trying to use redirection with MED-V 1.0.  You may find that you are unable to get web redirection working inside a MED-V Workspace from either host-to-guest or guest-to-host. This can happen if the Group Policy “Allow third-party browser extensions” is enabled in your environment.  So…


Troubleshooting IIS/BITS Issues with MED-V

Here are some common errors related to IIS and BITS that you may encounter when uploading and downloading images from an image distribution server.   1. When you attempt to upload a packed image to an image distribution server within the MED-V management console, you may get the following error: Failed Uploading image to the…