MED-V v2: Error Installing the MED-V Host Agent when the MED-V v1 Client is Already Installed

imageIf you attempt to install the MED-V v2 Host Agent while the MED-V v1 client is installed and a MED-V v1 workspace is currently running, you will get the following error message:

The MED-V ToGo USB drive was not properly ejected. This may result in loss of unsaved data.

You should exit MED-V from the tray menu before unplugging the USB drive.


You will also find that after rebooting, the MED-V Host Agent will behave as normal and you are able to proceed.

This is an error that has no effect as there is no upgrade path to v2 from v1. The older images will remain on the client machine but they cannot be used with the v2 Host Agent.

No resolution is necessary, however you will need to manually remove the MED-V v1 user data and the images.

The scenario where a user may find this situation occurring is where the VPC7 engine was installed while the VPC 2007 engine and MED-V v1 client were also installed. This is allowed, however the MED-V v2 Host Agent is not designed to remove the MED-V v1 client if it is installed. This normally will happen without any user messages with the one exception of the above message occurring when the MED-V v1 workspace is currently running.

Steve Thomas | Senior Support Escalation Engineer

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