MED-V Support for Internet Explorer 9

Hi, I’m Dave Trupkin, Senior Product Manager for Microsoft Enterprise Desktop Virtualization (MED-V). On behalf of the entire MED-V team, I’d like to congratulate the Internet Explorer team on the release of Internet Explorer 9.

I’m happy to announce that MED-V will support Internet Explorer 9 as a host browser as of today. MDOP customers can deploy Internet Explorer 9 with confidence, giving their users the power to unleash a more beautiful web, while retaining access to legacy applications based on Internet Explorer 6 or 7.


MED-V 2.0, released last week, provides the highest level of integration with Windows 7, including seamless sharing of documents and network printers between Windows 7 and legacy applications. It also offers new Internet Explorer redirection options, allowing IT administrators to redirect legacy websites and web applications using:

- wildcards: (http://*

- sites: (

- specific pages: (

- or ports (

MED-V makes it easy for your organization to benefit from a modern browser that’s fast, clean and trusted. Visit the Internet Explorer Tech Center to check out what’s possible with Internet Explorer 9!

Comments (2)

  1. kishhr says:

    This helps to resolve lot of problems, this is one of splendid feature what people will be looking for

  2. Ronald says:

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