Known issues with MED-V 2.0

Information[5]Now that MED-V 2.0 is released we decided to publish a couple KB articles to give you a heads up on some issues we saw during the beta. Most of these are just FYIs and configuration related scenarios but if you’re rolling out Microsoft Enterprise Desktop Virtualization v2 then you’ll probably want to browse through these real quick.

KB2501981 - Error "Sysprep.inf was not Found in VHD" when creating a MED-V 2.0 workspace package

KB2501993 - Error "The Directory is not Empty" when creating a MED-V 2.0 workspace package

KB2502077 - Error "Insufficient Disk Space for MSI/VHD" when creating a a MED-V 2.0 workspace package

KB2502084 - First Time Setup of MED-V 2.0 fails with “The Initial configuration of MED-V workspace was not successful”

KB2502126 - Warning "Unable to enable integration components" when opening a MED-V Workspace in full screen mode

KB2504827 - MED-V 2.0 workspace setup fails with a fatal error

KB2504890 - Error “An incorrect password was entered” when providing credentials for MED-V

KB2504904 - A MED-V workspace which is configured to use NAT is not listed as a machine in System Center Configuration Manager 2007

KB2502215 - Network Printers installed on Windows 7 are not available to MED-V Applications

KB2504970 - A MED-V Workspace launches in Full Screen mode rather than APP mode

KB2502225 - MED-V applications that have been renamed are not listed in the Windows 7 start menu

KB2504415 - MED-V Applications are not available in the Windows 7 start menu

KB2504798 - MED-V does not Redirect Configured URL’s

KB2504989 - Unable to access a MED-V redirected website after connecting to a corporate network on the host

KB2505021 - Internet Explorer crashes when viewing an Adobe PDF file in MED-V 2.0

J.C. Hornbeck | System Center Knowledge Engineer

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Comments (7)

  1. Anonymous says:

    Not all network adapters on the host machine get connected to the VM. I've experienced atleast two installs that did not connect the Gigabit network connect that the Host computer was using and therefore cause setup to fail.

  2. Labo65 says:

    I´ve got a fatal error on workspace setup, like discribed in KB2504827, if I´m using my 10GB VPC-image. With my 5GB VPC-image everything is fine. Is there a limit for the size of an image?

    I had no problems with beta- or RC-version of MED-V 2.0 in this case.

  3. Vicent says:

    My virtual completes the installation process but is not actually installed

  4. Vicent says:

    My virtua l(packaged image) completes the installation process but is not actually installed

    Or The installation ends prematually

    Solution please

  5. Brandon says:

    Coming out of Sysprep on first time run new hardware is found and requires manual installation

  6. Matt says:

    I have turned off antivirus and even gone as far as uninstalling it, but I still continue to receive  'Xceed.Compression.CompressionException: Expected end of stream not found'  is there anything esle that can cause the error besides AV?

  7. CharlesM says:


    To work around the new hardware wizard use the UnattendedMode = FullAttended under [Unattended] in sysprep.inf

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