"Last Restart" component in the MED-V virtual machine setup script is not needed and will increase workspace first time setup time

image When configuring Script Actions for the Virtual Machine first-time setup in the MED-V management console, it is important not to add in an additional "Restart Windows" action at the end as it is not necessary. The first-time setup will always reboot the guest at the end of the last script action.

For example, if a Virtual Machine setup script is mapped out as follows:

Command Line
Rename Computer
Restart Windows
Join Domain
Restart Windows

In the above example, there will be an additional restart following completion resulting in two reboots following the "Join Domain" Action.

If we remove the last "Restart Windows" action, the reboot needed to follow the "Join Domain" action will occur as a result of the culminating reboot at the end of the script.

Steve Thomas | senior Support Escalation Engineer

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