Why you can’t install the MED-V Management Console on a server-based operating system

imageThe MED-V Management Console (Management.exe) allows you to manage the MED-V Client Policy, Image Distribution, and Reporting. The MED-V Management Console is bundled with the MED-V Client and can be installed with or without the MED-V Client.

The operating system requirements for the console align with the client requirements and this is what prevents the MED-V management console (the management.exe utility) from being installed on a server-based operating system.

I am often asked why this is the case. The philosophy behind this is the fact that MED-V revolves around the lifecycle management of desktop virtualization and application publishing (through desktop virtualization). The images and policies are configured and tested from the host environment the majority of the time.

Since the tools leverage the packaging of images and the testing and designation of test images (importing, tweaking, etc.) it makes more sense to align it with the client so a MED-V Administrator can:

  1. Prepare the VPC Image
  2. Import the Image and test it against a policy
  3. Pack and upload/import an image

All this is occurring while working on the same host computer.

For more information about the MED-V Management Console, please refer to the following link:


Steve Thomas | Senior Support Escalation Engineer

Comments (2)

  1. Anonymous says:

    If you are "Often asked" then it signals a need in the community.  I would suggest instead of making it impossible, let the people who buy the products and architect them make the decision knowing the ‘best practices’ suggested by Microsoft. Thanks.

  2. Leider says:

    I implement a platform where different tools used MED-V, any question I am to order.

    So between all help us.


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