How MED-V Handles File Type Associations (FTAs)

imageThis post describes how MED-V handles FTAs (File Type Associations) within the Workspace (Virtual Machine and Published Applications) and the Host computer.  This is a question we seem to get from time to time so I thought a quick post might help clear things up a little. 

MED-V clients do not pass file type associations from the workspace to the host computer or vice-versa in version 1.0.  You will be able to run two versions of the same application side-by-side but only documents aware of the virtual environment (through the application itself or through a published command shell or explorer) will be launched by the workspace version of the application. Likewise, when a document is launched (double-clicked) from a shell within the host computer, only the associated application within the host computer's registry is used.

Steve Thomas | Senior Support Escalation Engineer

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