Blog: Can upgrading to Windows 8 boost productivity?

Upgrading to Windows 8 can help businesses boost productivity and increase output, it has been suggested. Here’s the scenario – your business has long been a Microsoft customer, using the firm’s software solutions and operating systems on all its PCs. Windows 8 has arrived, you’ve heard good things about it, and you’re keen to equip…


Are You Paying for Unproductive Employees?

Unproductive employees are a drain on your company morale as well as your bottom line. Nearly 29% of company time is unproductive – the equivalent of 33.5 days per worker per year. The estimated cost of this lack of productivity tops out at nearly $600 billion per year in the US (Proudfood Consulting). While investing…


What are leaders referring to when they talk about business productivity?

What are leaders referring to when they talk about business productivity? Business leaders constantly talk about the importance of raising productivity levels within the workplace, and with good reason. But what exactly are they talking about – and how is productivity measured? According to the Oxford English Dictionary, productivity is defined as: ‘The effectiveness of productive…


Boosting productivity without creating unreasonable demands

[View:] As small business leaders seek productivity gains, it is important to set realistic targets. Small business leaders are well aware of the importance of maximising the productivity of their workers. Even if they are able to increased performance and output by just two or three per cent in each individual they employ, these can…


A glimpse into the future of productivity

Guest post from Kurt DelBene, President, Microsoft Office Division As the president of the Office Division, people often ask me what Microsoft’s view is on the future of productivity. I think one of the best ways to answer a question like that is to show our vision by sharing a new concept video. We create…


4 Time management tips

Too much email? Process and organise it immediately into ‘urgent action’, ‘this week’, ‘information only’, and project-based folders. “I don’t like to delete files – I might need them.” Hmmmm. Amassing too many folders, documents and libraries is counter-productive. Apparently, most of us use only 15% of what we file. The other 85% is redundant….


Tip o’ the Week #10: Navigate Outlook with shortcuts

Guest post by Ewan Dalton More Outlook tippery this week. Since we spend more time in Outlook than any other application (with the possible exception of the browser), it makes sense to familiarise yourself with some common shortcut keys to shave a few seconds off regularly performed activities. There are literally hundreds of keyboard shortcuts…


Reduce distractions in your working day by following this tip

  This blog is written by Ewan Dalton but I thought it was good so I’ll share it with you. In this inaugural Tip o’ the Week, here’s a simple fix to prevent distraction during your working day. Outlook 2007 introduced a really neat way of showing you a preview of incoming mail. It was…


A Look at Microsoft SharePoint

Guest post from Trevor Eddolls, CEO iTech-Ed Ltd (, specialists for IT consultancy, analysis, technical education and training, web design, writing, and editing solutions. Read more from Trevor on his mainframe blog and follow him on Twitter. Let me start with an apology for talking about a non-mainframe technology. I suppose my justification is that this a…


Windows 7 customer videos

New on Microsoft’s Small Business YouTube channel are two Windows 7 customer testimonials.   IT resellers Nitec, based in N Ireland, love Windows 7 for themselves and for their teams, because it enables them to resolve support queries more quickly. [View:] Similarly, pharmaceutical company BioKinetic also love Windows 7 – it saves their MD Moira Burke…