Guest Blog: Can Windows 8 be good for business?

With the release of their new operating system, Windows means business. But does business mean Windows? Microsoft only mentioned Windows 8 Enterprise in passing when the announcement about their new OS was made. They barely included any specific details at all. Perhaps this signalled their focus on the consumer market, or perhaps it meant that…

Register now for SQLBits XI

The conference will be taking place between the 2nd and 4th of May 2013 at the East Midland Conference Centre. We have capacity for 600 people and expect to sell out really quickly. With the special touch of medieval hospitality, the format for SQLBits XI is the same as always with leading speakers from all around the…


Friday Support: Excel and using pivot tables

If you’re anything like me, Excel is one of the Microsoft Office applications that you use frequently but don’t feel that that you use to its full potential. Yes it’s great for lists and storing data and capturing information and you can make it look pretty but you know it’s capable of so much more….

5 ways Microsoft Office 365 will make your workday more productive

  If you’re burning the candle at both ends and juggling endless priorities, Office 365 can probably help. And from as little as £3.90 per month – less than a fifth of other services like business phone contracts – it’s won’t burn a hole in your pocket. Oh, and there’s a 90-day free trial, too….

Microsoft Licensing – Simple MVA courses to solve your licensing headaches

Microsoft Licensing – Simple MVA courses to solve your licensing headaches If licensing has been a pain point for a long time or if you’ve ever wanted to gain knowledge on Microsoft licensing then the new simple and effective MVA licensing courses would be an exceptionally great place to start. This training canbe taken at…