Learning and understanding Windows Server 2012

To help you understand and see the benefits of Windows Server 2012, below are some valuable resources to help you and your business. If you would like to download a free trial, please follow the link here.


How moving to Windows Server 2012 will make you a bigger and better business

Windows 8 is not the only piece of Microsoft software that has been ‘’re-imagined’’. Windows Server 2012 has also been given its very own transformation to meet the ever changing needs of mid-market businesses. At the heart of this transformation is virtualisation with Microsoft taking its existing Hyper-V virtualisation platform and lifting its limitations and adding a host of new features such as built in resiliency and easy migration of VMs from one server to another.

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12 key advantages of Windows Server 2012

Selecting a top twelve list of key advantages of Windows Server 2012 is not an easy given the amount of benefits it provides to users. Windows Server 2012 is the biggest step forward since Windows Server 2000 and in this article, twelve key advantages are explored such as easier licensing, storage, improvements to Hyper-V 3.0 and Dynamic Access Control.

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How to buy Windows Server 2012

Confused about how you can purchase Windows Server 2012? Feel like you do not have enough understanding of the versions available? Then this article is a must read. This article provides guidance on how you can purchase Windows Server 2012 with detailed information about the versions available, licensing and processors, volume licensing, upgrades under software assurance, client access licenses and a list of useful links for further information.

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The Big Data Report

In 2012 alone, we produced 2.7 zettabytes of data according to research firm IDC. Anthony Saxby, Information Platform Product Marketing Manager at Microsoft UK provides an insight to what Microsoft’s definition of Big Data is in this Whitepaper along with Andrew Cameron, and Gilda Foss also providing their definitions of Big Data. Along with Q&A’s with leading Managers, the Big Data Report explores how big data will benefit decision makers and how they can best leverage Big Data when making core business decisions.

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How to build your own storage subsystem in Windows Server 2012

Microsoft has built in a vast array of new features to Windows Server 2012, but how can businesses use these features to make the most of them? This How-to-guide explores how users can manage disks, how to choose a protocol, extending the data center and the added security feature of BitLocker. 

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How to manage Windows Server 2012

Windows Server 2012 provides two key tools to allow users to manage their servers; Server Manager and PowerShell. This articles explores what these two tools are and how they can help to manager the user’s

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Revealed: Windows Server 2012’s hidden features

Windows Server 2012 has a vast array of new features with some less well known than others. This article explores those less well-known features such as Network Interface Card, Non-Uniform Memory Access
and Hyper V Extensible Switch. To see a full description of what these features are and how they can improve the efficiency of your business, click here.


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