Hot Topics in Business: Windows 8, Surface and Steve Ballmer

Windows 8

It’s here. Hooray! The worst kept secret ever.

Microsoft is back with a brand way of working. This blog may be biased, but we love it! We hope you do too.

Last Friday saw Windows 8 released into the mainstream with adverts galore. If you didn’t see it, where were you? There were TV ads on between X Factor, Take Me Out (one of the blog’s favourites) and Darren Brown’s Apocalypse and that was not all.

Did you watch the football? Windows 8 took up some of the advertising space at the Merseyside derby and the grudge match between Manchester United and Chelsea.

More importantly though, Windows 8 is now live in 42 countries with aims of world domination. Well, maybe not the world, but certainly to become everybody’s favourite operating system.

There are plenty of new features to learn about, make sure you come back to this blog later in the week to find out lots more.

Like what you hear? Download the free trial and have a look yourself.

There’s even a Wikipedia page devoted to it. We’re becoming famous.



What are your first impressions? We want to know.



Microsoft was feeling rather generous last week. Not only Windows 8 came into our lives, it also released its very own tablet device for consumers and businesses.

This product will help mobile workers make the most of technology, with its cross-device collaboration. They are very clever, and Windows 8 works just brilliantly on them.

This is Microsoft entering the hardware and they are already loving it. This product was built for business in mind. And this blog will share hints and tips over the coming weeks to help you out.

There was a lot of buzz created, with Microsoft even producing a very edgy advert.


Do you like? Let us know. Will this change the future generations of computing?


Launch Event

Wasn’t that fun? Whilst the world held its collective breath for the launch of Windows 8, this blog’s boss’s boss’s boss’s boss’s boss’s boss’s boss Steve Ballmer entertained and stimulated any keen technology personnel with a truly memorising speech.

Although, it may not have been as famous – or as sweaty - as this one below (Developers, developers, developers), but nevertheless it was affectionately received and made this blog all warm and fuzzy inside.

Nice job, Steve.

“We have reimagined Windows and the result is a stunning line-up of new PCs,” said Ballmer. “Windows 8 brings together the best of the PC and the tablet. It works perfect for
work and play and it is alive with your world. Every one of our customers will find a PC that they will absolutely love.”

What a smashing guy he is. He loves a high-five too. 

There were plenty of commentaries online about the launch party that was spread out over many countries, with plenty of reported sore heads the following morning.

This blog is looking forward to occasionally updating you with Windows 8 messages and key features, as it’s a product that we’re really proud of and will help business.

Hope you are eagerly anticipating further blog updates.



What do you make of it all? Windows 8 was built for business, and this week we will show you how!

Speak to us. Comment below or on twitter - @MicrosoftBizUK

Posted by Steven Woodgate

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