Cybercrime Warning

This is the first steps in realising the full extent of cybercrime: William Hague told delegates that cybercrime was “one of the greatest global and strategic challenges of our time”.

Not bad going. Mr Hague kindly highlighted the UK’s resolve to tackle the problem (eventually) – it is even spending £2m setting up a cybercrime centre. Not bad going. Someone’s Facebook account must have been hacked.

He even suggested that cyber-attacks were “criss-crossing the globe from north to south and east to west - in all directions, recognising no borders, with all countries in the firing line".

Hague’s call for a new cybercrime code of conduct to be introduced and for an international emergency hotline to be set up has been a long time coming.

Despite his insistence that this is a priority, he stopped short of calling for a formal treaty at the two-day event, arguing it ‘would be cumbersome to agree, hard to enforce and too narrow on its focus.’

To help fight the issue, Hague announced that the UK Centre for Global Cyber-Security Capacity Building will be supported by a network of eight universities, with the aim of acting as an international organisation offering aid to countries across the globe. Aren’t we generous?

If that’s not enough, it could also facilitate an international hotline for nations to communicate in the event of a cyber-emergency. Crisis management 101.

Hague also pointed out that it has “never been easier to become a cybercriminal” – a meme often echoed throughout the security vendor community, and a reality that the rise of Anonymous and growing threat vectors like mobile malware underpin.

Still, despite this recognition, there is still much work to be done. Plans and funds must be converted to action. In the meantime, the threat level will only increase.

At least, the road to better security has started. Hopefully.

What do you think? This is the first step into better security? Will this top Cybercrime?

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