Security must get a grip of new technology

Chalk and cheese. Black and white. Security and new technology. The last one is not exactly the opposite of each other, but the feeling it has in the IT industry appears that way.

Following our Hot Topics debate, there much talk about ‘child-proofing’ devices and laptops stop data breaches from within. However, some question the security aspect of new technology and the reluctance to get to grips with it.

The growth in IP security and surveillance is alarming. It can offer a powerful platform for transforming the security space completely. But with opportunity comes challenge and change. And no one likes change.

Exciting opportunities in technology in the security sector is becoming bigger than first expected. The fact of the matter is that it presents a great catalyst for change.

Systems are now more powerful and complex. All of which are encompassing a host of hardware, firmware and software residing on a common network and
performing an array of functions. This is actually all quite incredible. All of this is usually derived from an assortment of manufactures, suppliers and developers.

These systems will only become smarter, more bespoke and interconnected a more diverse and higher degree of skill will be required to make these systems work correctly and achieve their defined objectives. Therefore, processes need to be put in place now to saving catching up when systems become so sophisticated that they require a lot of money and effort to figure out.

New technology will always be developing and the quicker security can take its strangle hold on such modern systems, the better.  

Peter Houlis, in his blog, said: Most security companies will need to learn how to apply new equipment and solutions - servers, hubs, switches, PoE and systems, IP protocols, networks and cyber security analytics, etc. They must also garner a greater understanding of their customers’ business requirements outside of 'the security brief' such that they can develop and provide systems which deliver true business benefit.

“After all, 'Information is King' and most definitely paramount in terms of realising informed decisions.”

Those in charge of security really need to consider what impact new technology with have on their business and prepare in advance, rather than catching up.

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