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User convenience vs security

Much conversation and RTs about user convenience should not related to security. Security should be main priority. (+0.5)

The ultimate battle. One where both sides will always try to win. One of the most basic conundrums in computer security is the constant trade-off between security
and usability
. Let’s be honest: if security is too complicated to use, then it simply won’t be used. What side are you on?

With most companies heading towards a BYOD culture, security came up as a big issue once again. Convenience should not get in the way of security; however, when is it acceptable where sales are involved?

Nevertheless, employees can sometimes be, well how do you say it, - useless. Convenience can be many things. Including writing passwords down, leaving email
accounts logged in on public computers and not actually using any security measure.

Security is different for different users and different situations, but IT professionals and business owners must increase simpler security policies with real consequences.

The convenience of doing business on the web has embedded itself into consumers everyday routines to the point where the ability to quickly complete a multitude of tasks online has come to be expected. This is however comprising security? How can companies deal with this?


Wagamama serves up malware from outdated site

Reputation damage through technical neglect. Is your business fully secure? (0)

You only wanted some nice food, and ended up being injected with a malicious code in a RunForestRun attack. And you thought food poisoning was bad?

Restaurant chain Wagamama was hacked. They exploited a vulnerability in the content management system to upload malware. It can be that easy. Are you protected?

It affected an outdated subdomain site, but it was home to a 2009 competition between Wagamama and STA Travel, and remained active for years. This should be a valuable warning to business owners that even outdated websites can be attacked and harm your business.

Nevertheless, the brand’s reputation was damaged as a result.

Nice noodles, shame about the security, eh?


Child proofing devices is proving popular

With more security breaches and data lost, more are determined to prevent employee abuse. (-0.5)

Kids are pesky aren’t they? They just can’t keep their grubby little hands off smartphones and tablets. Once the big shiny screen is flashed in front of them, it’s all over. You can do nothing but prepare for data loss and breaches.

Imagine they actually got into your personal information: pictures, texts, emails, curse words and even adult things. It would not be good. Much talk has been generated around child proofing devices, especially with Windows Phone 8’s Kid’s Corner.

There has been a comprehensive list produced about all the fun products you can buy to ‘Child Proof’ your device.

Now with the kids sorted, can these manufactures do something about neglectful employees? 

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