Imagine an App….. Then make it real with Windows 8

Apps are the current buzz word of technology, every brand, business and developer is seemingly focused on Apps.  But what are they?  And why should you care?

Apps can be lots of things – revenue generators through either sales or ad revenues, ways to reach new audiences, ways for your customers to interact with your business, differently.   As smartphone and tablet device sales increase, more consumers, and businesses, than ever see value in apps that solve every day problems or make life easier so we’ve tried to make it as simple as possible for your business to get started.

Our great new Windows 8 App Resource Centre contains all you need – the download for Windows 8 Release preview, tools, design assets plus all the resources you could need to create your very first app. We also have Dev Camps around the country that you can attend and get hands on with Windows 8.  And with the launch of Windows 8 just around the corner, on 26th October 2012, if you ACT NOW you’ll have your chance to have your app in store before everyone else. 

Start with your idea: make it real within  4 key steps!

1 Download the tools you need to get started

2 Get training online and offline

3 Attend a Camp or Clinic

4 Get your app published!

Here’s all you need to know

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