A story that sums up the benefits of the Cloud

Sometimes you see a story that just sums up the benefits of an idea you are trying to communicate in a very neat nutshell. This was the case when we saw this story about how the Danish Red Cross is making great use of Office 365. It really brings new meaning to the value of “anywhere access” to email, contacts and documents: 

“We help build or rebuild communications infrastructure in places hit by hurricanes, floods or earthquakes,” says the CIO involved, Claus Olsen. “Time is critical in that effort, and so is coordinating across borders. We need to be sure we are using the best possible ways to communicate with each other in order to help those who need it most.”

Of course, being a non-profit, its also good to save money - which is another key benefit of the Cloud that is proving really valuable to the Danish Red Cross. 

“With Office 365, our employees and volunteers can still get the critical information they need but at a cost significantly lower than we paid for our previous solution,” Olsen adds. “And what we don’t spend on technology, we can allocate to aid.”

If that doesn't bring home the true value of the Cloud, we don't know what does!

Get more on the Danish Red Cross story here

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