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Business intelligence is critical for organisations of any size. You need to know how your business is performing so you can see what's working and what isn't.

How is your marketing spend increasing sales? What can you learn from geographic or seasonal spikes and troughs in sales? You need information to be relevant, accurate and timely - and shared with the relevant people across your organisation so everyone works towards the same goals, using the same insights and analysis. And this is where Business Intelligence (BI) solutions from Microsoft can help.

What solutions are available?

You're probably already using Excel and pivot tables to help you organise your data and show information, but you gain signifant benefits with a combined BI solution comprising SQL Server 2008 and Excel 2010.

  • Pull together data from multiple sources into a single report
  • Manipulate large amounts of data quickly and easily
  • Create 'what if' scenarios
  • Define your progress through KPIs

And for larger enterprises, you can extend the capabilities of Microsoft SQL Server 2008 and Excel with SharePoint Server.

Try out our Business Intelligence self-assessment tool

Not sure what you need? Take 15 minutes to answer the questions in our BI assessment and gain an accurate review of your current IT capability for Business Intelligence. You will receive a vendor-agnostic report that compares your metrics against your industry peers, organisation size, and development organisation size. Find out today what you can do to get your systems and business needs together.

Explore BI resources, try the assessment tool and learn more about Microsoft Business Intelligence solutions.

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