Reduce distractions in your working day by following this tip


This blog is written by Ewan Dalton but I thought it was good so I'll share it with you.

In this inaugural Tip o’ the Week, here’s a simple fix to prevent distraction during your working day.

Outlook 2007 introduced a really neat way of showing you a preview of incoming mail. It was so much more helpful than the simple “new mail” envelope, or the noisy bong to tell you that something new has just landed in your inbox.

SWITCH IT OFF. Seriously.

clip_image004At least try switching it off to see how you get on. Though it’s really cool and everything, it is arguably the most distracting thing within the Office System.

To turn off, simply right click on the Outlook icon in your system tray, then click on the Show New Mail Desktop Alert, to stop it.

If you absolutely can’t live without it, reverse the process and you’ll be back to normal.

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