Make a difference – tell us how you feel, by David Bennie

I know you may already receive many requests to complete surveys, and I cannot hide or glam up the fact that I am asking you to do the same thing, but I can say that you may well make a difference if you do partake. Firstly, because for each participation, a donation of £10 will be made to the NSPCC and secondly because we really do intend to use your feedback to help us develop the way we do things in the future.


I am expecting that between 8th March and 16th April, you may receive an email invitation from Ipsos, our certified research vendor, to take part in the Microsoft Customer and Partner survey. Your feedback is incredibly important and we want you to be candid in your response to help us make continuous improvements that are meaningful and effective for you. The study should take about 20 minutes to complete...I know – it’s not exactly short and sweet, but we really want to get the depth and understanding of what you like, what you want to see more of and perhaps other areas where you would like to see us do better.


By taking part in this key study, your feedback will help shape our future products and services and how we work together, creating a better experience for you with Microsoft, so it would be great if you could spare some time.


Many thanks in advance!

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