Renaming SharePoint 2010 Search Service Database Name

 In this post I’m planning to walkthrough the practice of changing the SharePoint 2010 Search Service Database names as you might need it in the following scenarios: Replacing the Search Service Application Databases Names that Includes GUID’s to a friendlier name. The Database Admin in the Organization is planning to change the naming convention of…


Configuration Manager 2012 – Editing built-in reports using Report Builder

Configuration Manager 2012 provides bunch of built-in reports using SQL Reporting Services. In order to have these reports within ConfigMgr console you need a configured SQL Reporting Service. Then you need to install Reporting Services Point role for Configuration Manager 2012. As I said, these reports are built-in reports. SQL queries, parameters and custom expressions…


Challenges of Migration from GroupWise to Exchange 2010: Meeting Request

The previous article explained the first challenge which is co-existence: Challenges of Migration from GroupWise to Exchange 2010: Co-Existence In this article I will talk about one of the most annoying problems that may affect the migration which is meeting request between Exchange and GroupWise.   Symptoms: Meeting requests from GroupWise to Exchange working fine….

Challenges of Migration from GroupWise to Exchange 2010: Co-Existence

This article will discuss a high level overview about the migration from GroupWise to Exchange 2010.   The following steps summarize the migration process from GroupWise to Exchange 2010: 1. Design Exchange 2010. 2. Implement and configure Exchange 2010. 3. Select the migration software (3rd party). 4. Setup Co-Existence between GroupWise and Exchange. 5. Migrate…

Managing Configuration Manager 2012 Client Cache

By default Configuration Manager 2012 client stores deployed packages in %windir%ccmcache folder and default disk space for cache folder is 5120 MB. All deployed packages and also software updates will be keep in these default folder unless you specify custom location with installation options. Regarding TechNet article please note that: Do not encrypt cache folder….