Error after SQL Server 2012 installation: Login Failure for "SQL Server Integration Services 11.0" SSIS service

When you install SQL Server 2012 and you try to connect to SSIS services, you cannot due to that the SSIS service not running. When you manually try to start the SSIS service the service may fail due to login failure of the service account.

By Default, SQL Server 2012 tries to use and create the account: "NT Service\MsDtsServer110" to start the "SQL Server Integration Services 11.0". If the user running the setup does not have enough permissions to create accounts and set the proper permissions so, this account will not be able to start the SSIS Service. This can be due to domain policy in quite large environments.

A simple resolution is to change the service account of the "SQL Server Integration Services 11.0" service to use the "Network Service" account.


Comments (5)

  1. thomas song says:

    of great help.thanks

  2. sgayam says:

    Thanks a lot. But is it ok to set network service ? What is the impact in Production system ?

  3. Kevin Vandriel says:

    Ok I tried this, but it didn’t resolve anything.

  4. alex says:

    In a machine where, on setup I configured services to start with a domain account, all virtual service accounts were created. DB engine and SQl Agent services accounts had "Logon as a service" user right after setup, but NT ServiceMsDtsServer110 did not
    have this privilege. Giving "Logon as a service" privilege to NT ServiceMsDtsServer110 solved the problem. My question is, it was given this privilegie to other service accounts other than NT ServiceMsDtsServer110

  5. madhu says:

    I got similar issue after some maintenance done by WIN team.
    Fixed issue by selecting NT AUTHORITYNetwork Service to the SSIS service on Configuration manager. All we have to do is, first we need to apply the change we do for account change from NT ServiceMsDtsServer110 to NT AUTHORITYNetwork Service, then start it.
    It will start

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