Twice login screen when proxying Exchange 2003 Legacy URLs using Exchange 2010 OWA through FBA on TMG



A good trick I got when I was doing one of the TQAs around. Here is the details:


Coexistence between Exchange 2003 and 2010 OWA and the proxying is working just fine internally. When try to 2003 user try to access the published URLs (using 2010 FBA), he’s getting another FBA page for Exchange 2003.



Remove the Legacy publishing from the OWA publishing rules (paths and accepted domain names). Create a new dedicated publishing rule for legacy that has the legacy URLs and the domain names and point it to Exchange 2003 FE directly.


Works like  a charm! Try it and feedback!


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Mohammed Saad

Comments (3)

  1. Anthony says:

    Could you provide the detailed settings of the publishing rules?

  2. Palwinder says:

    And you also have to disable the FBA on 2003 FE servers. Wont work without it.

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