Operations Manager 2007 R2 Installation and Configuration "step by step" – Part 5 “Configuring SQL Reporting Service”

 In this post series I am going through step by step into System Center Operations Manager 2007 R2 starting from “Pre-Build”, then I continued with “Installing Operations Manager Database”, followed by another post “Installing Root Management Server” and then “Configure GPO for SCOM”,

Now in this post I will cover Configuring SQL Reporting Service that is required for SCOM Reporting as a step before Installing Data Warehouse Database, and what you should remember is that to install SQL Reporting Service you will need IIS to be installed before install SRS.

Steps are as the following:





Login as Domain\SQL Service



Go to Start Programs  Microsoft SQL Server 2008, Configuration Tools and click Reporting Services Configuration Manager.



Enter SQL server or SQL Virtual Server name as Machine Name. Select Instance Name and click Connect.



Under Report Server Status should show as Started. Then click Web Service URL on left hand side pane.



Confirm that Report Server Web Service URL is working by click on blue URL, then click Advanced to confirm Web Site Configuration, and then click ok to close Advanced Window.




Click Database on left hand side pane, confirm Reporting Database creation, or create a new Reporting Database, and then click Apply



Click Report Manager URL on left hand side pane, and confirm Report Manager URL and it’s Virtual Directory is working by click on the blue Report Manager URL, then click Advanced to confirm Report Manager URL site settings, and then click ok to close Advanced Window




Confirm all other optional settings and confirm that SQL 2008 Reporting service is healthy and ready and close SQL 2008 Reporting Configuration Manager, then start Data Warehouse Database Installation in next step.


In the coming post I will go through the steps to install Data Warehouse Database for Reporting...


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  1. Maged Ezzat says:

    Part 6 released,

    Part 7 released,

    Part 8 released,

  2. Yan says:

    Hi Meged,

    My I know, do you have the steps fro installing Reporting Server as I encounter an error "could not verify if current user is in sysadmin role "


  3. faizan says:

    very helpful stuff..

    when would you upgrade this environment to scom 2012 ?

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