Lync Outbound gateway failover (NET)

Overview This is a two-part process; in the first part of the process, we use the UXs to point each of them at the same Lync Pool. In the second part, we do the complementary action on the Lync side by specifying both of the UXs as PSTN Gateways using the Lync 2010 Topology Builder…

Impact of enabling Unified Messaging for Lync users

Lync Server Enterprise Voice uses the Exchange UM infrastructure to provide call answering, call notification, voice access (including voice mail), and auto-attendant services. all of the notifications and voicemails are stored on the main mailbox of the user; which can have an impact on the user quota   so in order to roughly understand the…

Lync Internal Ports

These Ports should be open from Client side to Server Side Required Server Ports (by Server Role) Server role Service name Port Protocol Notes Front End Servers Lync Server Front-End service 5060 TCP Optionally used by Standard Edition servers and Front End Servers for static routes to trusted services, such as remote call control servers….


Outbound call routing time condition

In order to create an outbound route policy based on a time condition in order to prevent certain users from making PSTN calls after working hours you need to do them with powershell script and windows task scheduler   so the example below shows that i created two voice policies one called “WorkTime” and the other…


Lync with Polycom RMX Integration

This Blog describes the integration between Microsoft Lync and Polycom RMX 2000 Create the Polycom RMX pools Using the configuration in in the below figure, The application Pool can be used as the Match URI for dialing. The two “Device” RMX SIP signaling (FQDN) domains are rmx.corp.local and rmx2.corp.local are used as destination routes.  …


Lync Server – Useful Links

The Lync Server Open Interoperability Program is now available   Other useful Links: –        Hardware Requirements. Link –        Bandwidth Table. Link –        Lync New features – server side. Link –        Lync New features – Client Side. Link –        Port Requirements. Link –        Lync Server 2010 Protocol Workloads Poster. Link –        Architecture – Server Roles….