Meet Moez Tounsi! March's CRM Guru

1-Moez, can you please introduce yourself to our readers?

IMG_0898 (2)_edited2I am a Technical Solution Specialist with a Ninja Black Belt for Customer Management Solutions acting in Middle East and Africa. Before this I was a Senior Consultant in Europe on a wide area of technologies mainly Dynamics CRM and SharePoint Server and Subject Matter Expert on software design and ASP.NET.

2- What do you love the most about technology?

Technology is the key driver for modern world, the way it reflects and accelerates real world connections and shortens distance between everyone. Before we were in a world were technology is governed by requirements and business usage, today we have changed it so it reflects sentiments, touch communication and direct contact.

3- What is CRM? Can you give us a small introduction?

Customer Relationship Management is the best solution when an organization needs to gain intelligence on their customer ecosystem and segment profitability. So it sharpens the way they are selling products and services in collaborative and Dynamic Fashion. CRM Solutions amplifies customer satisfaction and customer knowledge, automates multichannel contact and drives business performance. Today we can see CRM Apps in Small, Mid-Size and Large businesses in various industries like banking, telecommunication and governments.

What is really distinguished in Dynamics CRM is the ability to be “Polymorph” meaning the ability to translate real world situations and challenges to Technology Based efficiency. With Dynamics CRM we talk about Patient Relationship Management, Student Information Systems, Case and Records Management, Citizen Relationship management and so on. I truly believe that Dynamics CRM is the future for all businesses.

4- Any links that can help expand our Unified communications CRM knowledge.

Never miss that you can have CRM online on

I invite everyone to see this video

5- What is the newest updates for CRM this year?

Social with Microsoft Social Listening and the acquisition of Parature a Multichannel contact center software that will be pre-shipped with Dynamics CRM.

Marketing, Multichannel Campaign and Social too with Microsoft Dynamics Marketing, this is an essential too when it comes to use Marketing as a Service.

On the contact center side we are adding new features and business scenarios that will make the Contact Center experience better. We also are into shipping in the next few weeks Microsoft Dynamics Service Desk a new addition that was known as the Desktop Agent, and here is a solution that handles dynamic CTI integration and business requirements.

6-Away from technology, do you have any other hobbies or passions?Moez and the Seafood

Part from technology I am an amateur swimmer I compete summertime in locals in Susah my hometown, like to hang out with friends and French & Italian cuisine.

I am also a passionate traveler. This summer, my destination is Norway to climb on top of the Pulpit Rock.



7- Any advice to anyone that wants to be an IT guru?

Be passionate about what you are doing, our job is challenging and full of adrenaline. Most important think in being a guru is sharing, in fact what I learned is that we can never be a Guru by ourselves but with the amount of information exchange we are having every day.

8- How can people contact you for any technical inquiries?

I am very active in MSDN Forums as well as ASP.Net ( and you can contact me through my profile .

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  1. selimeddine says:

    Moez was born to be a guru

  2. lamia tounsi says:

    proud of you brother

  3. hanene ben slama says:

    Je suis heureuse de savoir que mon petit cousin est un grand homme…. bravo cher moez

  4. hanene ben slama says:

    Est un grand homme. Erreur de frappe

  5. Hedi ben Taleb says:

    Bravo ! 🙂

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