CAS Array NLB Configuration with PowerShell

First, we need to load the server manager module and install NLB. To do this run the following commands:

1Import-Module ServerManager
2Add-WindowsFeature NLB, RSAT-NLB

in mind, you’ll need to install these components on both CAS servers. Once NLB
has been installed, load the NetworkLoadBalancingClusters module:

1Import-Module NetworkLoadBalancingClusters

I am going to use the New-NlbCluster cmdlet to create a cluster named “CASArray” with the IP address

1New-NlbCluster -InterfaceName NLB -ClusterName CASArray -HostName CAS01 -ClusterPrimaryIP 192.168.100

Remove the default port rule and create separate port rules for the services that I want to include:

1Get-NlbClusterPortRule | Remove-NlbClusterPortRule -Force

Create new port rules for HTTP/S and MAPI RPC ports:

1Get-NlbCluster | Add-NlbClusterPortRule -StartPort 80 -EndPort 80 -Protocol TCP -Affinity Single
2Get-NlbCluster | Add-NlbClusterPortRule -StartPort 443 -EndPort 443 -Protocol TCP -Affinity Single
3Get-NlbCluster | Add-NlbClusterPortRule -StartPort 135 -EndPort 135 -Protocol TCP -Affinity Single
4Get-NlbCluster | Add-NlbClusterPortRule -StartPort 1024 -EndPort 65535 -Protocol Both -Affinity Single

Add the second node to the cluster:

1Get-NlbCluster | Add-NlbClusterNode -NewNodeName CAS02 -NewNodeInterface NLB

NLB has been configured, once both nodes are converged we can create a CAS array using the following EMS command:

1New-ClientAccessArray -Name “CAS Array” -FQDN casarray.litware.internal -Site “Default-First-Site-Name

If you have dual NICs and your NLB interface doesn’t not have a default gateway, you’ll want to enable IP forwarding using the following netsh command:

1Netsh interface ipv4 set int "NLB NIC NAME" forwarding=enabled
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