Engage in SharePoint 2010 Development

SharePoint 2010
provides a broad a unique set of integrated capabilities, within a unified
infrastructure to allow organizations share data and information on different
types of sites including intranets, extranets and internet facing sites scaling
up to millions of users .  Because of the
dynamic nature those solutions, SharePoint 2010 provides a platform that allows
developers to customize, extend and build rich solutions on top its
capabilities to address the different needs.


 How do I start SharePoint development?  How is it different from other development
platforms? ASP.Net, Client applications and Database applications?


Eric White discusses these points
his blog post, SharePoint
Developer Building Blocks: Technologies for Creating SharePoint Applications
He also addresses other important points such as the different types of
SharePoint applications, building blocks, resources, development tools and
SharePoint application lifecycle management.


 Now, as a developer I know what I can do with
SharePoint, my sleeves are up and I want to get my warm up my hands.  You can download the 2010
Information Worker Demonstration and Evaluation Virtual Machine
or Download
Easy Setup for Developers Kit
.  This
is a new set of pre-packaged tools that help developers easily get started with
SharePoint 2010 development by automating the provisioning of a developer
workstation using Windows 7, SharePoint & associated tools.


Once you got your
hands on the environment, check out these videos, Get Started
Developing on SharePoint 2010
, and get your hands on the SDK, and dive into
the SharePoint
Developer Center


Happy SharePointing…


Mohamed Yehia

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  1. Nice comprehensive plan, I really like it.

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