MDOP 2011 R2 Generally Available, Get MBAM and DaRT 7.0 Today!

I am happy to announce that the MDOP 2011 R2 is generally available today and can be downloaded from the Microsoft Volume Licensing website, MSDN and TechNet. This version of MDOP includes Microsoft BitLocker Administration and Monitoring (MBAM) which is brand new to MDOP, and updates to the Microsoft Diagnostic and Recovery Toolkit (DaRT) 7.0, and Microsoft Asset Inventory Service 2.0.

Microsoft BitLocker Administration and Monitoring (MBAM):

Building on BitLocker in Windows 7, MBAM will help simplify BitLocker provisioning and deployments, improve compliance and reporting, and reduce support costs. To simplify provisioning and deployment, MBAM integrates into your existing Windows 7 deployment process to help automate the encryption process. If you have already deployed Windows 7 but have not enabled BitLocker, you can now have your end users with standard user permissions can start the encryption process. You can also target BitLocker encryption by targeting hardware by make and model, making sure that only machines capable of meeting the encryption policy are encrypted.

To help improve compliance and reporting, MBAM provides reports out of the box that help you understand which machines are encrypted and meet your BitLocker organizational policy. We also provide an alternative to storing BitLocker recovery key information in Active Directory. Machines with the MBAM client will send BitLocker recovery key information to an encrypted SQL database.

MBAM will also help you reduce your support costs by streamlining key recovery for the help desk via a web page that allows the help desk to quickly get the user’s recovery key if they get into BitLocker recovery mode. The help desk no longer needs access to Active Directory. MBAM also creates one time use recovery keys. When a recovery key is retrieved and used, the MBAM client will automatically generate a new recovery key for that PC so that the original key cannot be used to gain access to the machine again.

Microsoft Diagnostic and Recovery Toolkit 7.0 (DaRT):

Building on our previous version to help drive the cost to support Windows based PCs even lower. DaRT 7.0 will speed up recovery and provide IT organizations with more flexible ways to deploy it. In this version we provide flexible deployment options like network boot (PXE), USB, or via the local recovery partition, on top of the CD and DVD method we already have. Just think, you can now walk an end user through the network boot process over the phone and help them troubleshoot their machine without leaving your desk. To make it even easier to not have to visit the user’s desk, DaRT also now includes software based remote control so can securely diagnose and recover PCs. DaRT also now gives you the ability to restrict end-user access to DaRT tools while making these same tools available to you. This is achieved using the remote control feature so end users cannot use the tools without the remote session being active.

Asset Inventory Service 2.0 (AIS):

Last but not least is AIS which is our cloud based asset intelligence solution that translates inventory data into actionable information through advanced software and hardware inventory scanning. In the new version we have improved scalability so that the service can support up to 100,000 clients. We also improved the user interface and localized it into 11 languages. AI 2.0 supports the inventorying of App-V packages, and improved the hardware reporting. As a cloud service we release this outside of the MDOP disc and I posted here that it went live in May.

To learn more about MBAM, DaRT, and AIS checkout the MDOP TechCenter on Springboard.  We also have posted some new videos on many of the MDOP products.  You can find these videos here.

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  1. janne lukkarinen says:

    hey guys.yall doing great job.u got my respect..

  2. Steve says:

    When I go to download the MDOP and DaRT, it tells me that they are unavailable. How/where do I downloaded them?

  3. AJ Smith says:

    Hi Steve,

    To download MDOP 2011 R2 you must be a subscriber to MSDN, TechNet or have access to MDOP from your Microsoft Volume License Agreement.  If you don't log in with a Live id with this access you will be told that the files are unavailable for download.

  4. Rit says:

    I can't found download MDOP in Microsoft Volume License Agreement.

    please advise how>>>>>>>


  5. Ajit says:

    Hi AJ… how can i get the MDOP and DaRT… I am in now Add Open License windows… and i don't have * License number * Authorization number.. Please suggest

  6. AJ Smith says:

    Hi Rit,

    I am not sure if you are asking how to find MDOP in your license agreement or in the list of downloads on the volume licensing service center so I will try to answer both.

    To see if you have MDOP on your agreement look at the licenses section and search for “MDOP” or “Desktop Optimization Pack”.

    If you are trying to find it in the downloads page of the Volume License Service Center, look the software assurance section for “Microsoft Desktop Optimization Pack for Software Assurance 2011 R2”

  7. Robert Carden says:

    I just logged in with my Windows Live account, and the download space is grayed out, showing the download as unavailable.

  8. AJ Smith says:

    Hi ajit,

    It sounds like you might have an Open license agreement which MDOP is not sold under.  If this is not the case and you have an Open Value, Select, or Enterprise agreement and have a MDOP subscription you should be able to download the software.  I would recommend sending an email to the volume licensing team at for assistance.

  9. AJ Smith says:

    Hi Robert,

    The download shows unavailable because you are logged in with a Live ID that does not have a TechNet or MSDN subscription associated with it.  If you do not have a subscription, check out these urls:…/default.aspx…/buy.aspx

  10. MS says:

    What happened to Microsoft System Center Desktop Error Monitoring (DEM)? … I don't see it as part of MDOP any more?

  11. AJ Smith says:

    Hi MS,

    DEM is still available on the MDOP 2011 R2 disc.  We did announce on the Windows for your Business Blog (…/mdop-2011-r2-now-available-for-download.aspx) that as part of our close interaction with customers, we heard that while customers appreciated DEM, it was not as high on their priority list as other technologies. Therefore we decided to still make DEM available to customers with active Volume Licensing agreements, but we will not be updating DEM in future versions of MDOP.  Technical information regarding DEM can still be found on MDOP TechCenter page (…/bb899442) and our MDOP videos page (…/ff383366.aspx).

  12. Would have been great if I could see some screenshots of MDOP.

  13. AJ Smith says:

    Hi Fleet Command,

    If you want to take a look at what the MDOP products look like, feel free to jump over to our MDOP video page on Springboard at…/ff383366.aspx

  14. @AJ Smith: Er, actually, what I need is exactly screenshot, since I am writing an article about MDOP. Video won't really do.

    Oh, and thanks for the videos. I have already watched them and, for their own purpose, they were superb.

  15. Greg Mangino says:

    I am logged in with a Live ID with MSDN associated with it and I cant find the MDOP source – Can you point me to the correct download.

  16. AJ Smith says:

    Hi Greg,

    In MSDN Subscriber Downloads, look in the Server product category for “Desktop Optimization Pack”, or use the Search box with the same text and it will show you all the versions available.

  17. Andrew says:

    Is there a 64bit intel version?

  18. AJ Smith says:

    Hi Andrew,

    I am not clear on if you are asking about a paticular product in the suite or what version of Windows you are running.  So let me say that all the products in the MDOP suite work on the x64 version of Windows 7.

  19. Ken says:

    It is not clear to me if there is an additional cost for MDOP beyond the cost of software assurance.  Can you clarify?  Thanks.

  20. AJ Smith says:

    Hi Ken,

    MDOP is an add-on subscription that has an additional cost on top of Windows Client software assurance.

  21. Hugo Tomas says:

    Hello, MBAM is still in beta, so when the final version?

    Thanks and good job.

  22. Chris Hallum says:

    Hello Hugo, at this time we haven’t disclosed a date for the final release however please note that we just released MBAM Beta 2/Refresh just a few weeks ago. The feedback that we receive from Beta 2 will help us zero in on an final date. Stay tuned!

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