Microsoft BitLocker Administration and Monitoring Beta Now Available

I just returned from Las Vegas, where, this morning I attended Brad Anderson’s keynote address at the Microsoft Management Summit (MMS) where he announced the beta release of Microsoft BitLocker Administration and Monitoring (MBAM).  It was great to hear the audience’s enthusiastic response to the announcement and to see the high-level of interest expressed by visitors to our booth at MMS.

On top of the announcement, right before lunch, the lead MBAM program manager and I presented details about the product to MMS attendees.  In the session, we talked about MBAM’s ability to help you deploy and provision BitLocker, improve compliance and reporting, and reduce support costs through helpdesk tools and allowing a standard user to perform basic BitLocker tasks.  As part of that session we revealed  how to go to get the beta install files and documentation (note that you need a Windows Live ID) and shared that MBAM will be generally available in the third quarter of 2011.

Now that you can get the beta, we hope that you download it and set it up in your test lab so that you can begin to see how it will help you better manage BitLocker.  If you have any feedback, as you use the beta, we would love to hear it. The best way to share your thoughts with us is to use the feedback tool here. 

From everyone in the MDOP team, thanks for your interest in MBAM.

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  1. Carl Knecht says:

    Really enjoyed your session at MMS, but you really need to learn that zoom tool. Can't wait to get home and start playin…er, testing.  =)

  2. Joe says:

    This is great news and meets all the shortfalls with BitLocker in its existing form. A shame it requires infrastructure servers and an agent installing on the end point devices. This adds another layer of complexity to BitLocker that works (in its existing form) like a dream.

    But if organisations what detailed management reporting, recovery password management, audit information and simplified deployment/control then this is the product.

    The question I have is when do you plan to release to market? I have downloaded the BETA but we will not be able to deploy any Laptops with BitLocker until this product is available. On your forums you mention later this year, can you please give a more exact date/commitment to a full release date?

    We have 4000+ Laptops currently using PGP Disk Encryption and we would like to switch to BitLocker using MBAM.

    Thanks Joe

  3. AJ Smith says:

    At this point I can't provide a more specific date then the 3rd quarter of 2011.   With the beta just released, we want to make sure we can get as much feedback as possible in order to release a product that helps you better manage BitLocker.

  4. StephenCWLL says:

    Hi. Will there ever be a more effective way to disable BitLocker in the enterprise?

  5. isaac says:

    It's been a nightmare for the past 4days. i have been trying to install this sick application but for some reason it keeps telling me for each of the components "SQL server service pack not installed" I have uninstalled and reinstalled SQL server 2008 SP2 and also tried SQL Server 2008R2 SP1 but non worked. All the required SQL components have been installed and prerequites.

    What else do i need to look out for as it's becoming frustrating.


  6. AJ Smith says:

    Hi Isaac,

    Without knowing more details on your setup it will be hard to troubleshoot this.  With the info you provided, the first thing I would check is installing SQL 2008 R2 RTM.  The prereq check in the beta does not detect versions of SQL 2008 R2 after the RTM release correctly.  On a side note, this is fixed in the release version which was released today.

  7. dattu says:

    my desk top is windows 7 ultimate,in the bitlocker i put the correct password but it shows wrong password and unfortunatily i lost my recovery key,please help me ………………

  8. AJ Smith says:

    Hi dattu

    I am sorry to hear that you are unable to get into your machine.  If your machine had the MBAM agent on it, your recovery key should be in the database and you can use the key recovery web page to get the key.  If you are not using MBAM and your machine is domain joined with the Group Policy or local policy enabled to store the recovery key in Active Directory, you can find the key in the machine account.  If none of the above is the case then I don’t believe there is much I can do.

  9. anonymouscommenter says:

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