App-V 4.6 Public Beta now available for download!

Today, I am happy to announce immediate availability of Microsoft Application Virtualization (App-V) 4.6 Beta.  At TechEd EMEA we announced our commitment to ship the next version of App-V in H1 2010.  In March of this year, as part of the MDOP 2009 launch, we indicated that the development of App-V 4.6 was underway.  Today, we have reached a major milestone and are a step closer to our goal.

This will be the first version of App-V to support both x64 and x86 Windows platforms.  The primary focus of this release is to enable App-V to take advantage of 64-bit Windows platforms including Windows 7 and Windows Server 2008 R2.  We’ve also made some improvements in the App-V Sequencer such as simplifying the workflow for creating virtual applications and adding the ability to sequence true 64-bit applications, a first to market!  For customers running Windows XP or Windows Vista, you can also use App-V 4.6 Beta and take advantage of the support for Office 2010, 64-bit platform support and additional features in the release.

Customers who want to get familiar App-V 4.6 Beta can register and download via Microsoft Connect.  As always, we want to hear from you.  We build great products by including feedback from our customers, so go ahead, test App-V 4.6 and give us feedback via Connect.  

For customers who are currently using App-V 4.5 CU1 with their 32-bit Windows 7 systems, we will release an update to the 4.5 version of the product.  App-V 4.5 SP1 will be available within 90 days of Windows 7 general availability and provide full support for running App-V 4.5 and Windows 7 (32-bit) in production.  Enjoy!

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  1. Abel James says:

    good stuff – so will you be able to sequence on 32bit and run on 64, or sequence on 64 and run on 64 ?  can you give some details as I’m sure everyone is wondering




    Please see posting over at the App-V Blog ealier today.

  2. So 64-bit apps can be sequenced and the client is supported on 64-bit OSes as well with 4.6?

  3. Stuart Watret says:

    Save the juice to the last paragraph why don’t you 😉

    What exactly do class as “Windows 7 General Availability”?




    90 days after WIndows 7 is officially available in market.

  4. Ben says:

    Will it support sequencing 32bit app`s on 64bit host ?

    also would that work if those applications do not support 64 bit ?

    Response:  Please see posting over on App-V Blog earlier today

  5. mike says:

    Will you release the x64 Client earlier then H1 2010?

    We have to switch to Windows 2008 R2 Terminal Services ASAP and R2 will be only available in x64.  


    We are still planning to release  App-V 4.6 in H1 2010.  The best approach is to begin your testing with the App-V 4.6 Beta released this week in preparation for full rollout when we release the RTM bits.


  6. Prasanna DS says:

    It is very happy to hard about the App-v support x64.

    Prasanna S

    Wipro Infotech, Bangalore

  7. Gisli.G says:

    Can´t wait for the offical release.  I would say this is the next evolution in computing history and I can see the app-v application used everywhere in the future.

  8. Hal07 says:

    does this mean that you need 4.6 for using App-V on Windows 7 32-bit? I can see that 4.5 installs fine, however I’ve not tested any Virtual Apps on it yet.

    Response:  No need to wait for 4.6 for Win7 32-bit.  We will have full Win7 32-bit RTM support 90 days after Win7 GA.  You can use App-V CU1 bits right now to test on Win7


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