AIS 1.5 is Live!

As we blogged last time, AIS 1.5 was to be made available to customers in November.  The Microsoft Asset Inventory Service (AIS) team is excited to announce that AIS 1.5 is ready ahead of schedule and is available to existing users starting today.  AIS 1.5 offers new capabilities to help you better track your Microsoft Volume Licenses. Initially, AIS 1.5 will be in 'preview' form, which includes all of the new licensing features. So if you are a user of AIS today, you will notice over the coming days that you are seeing AIS 1.5 capabilities.  You do not have to do anything to upgrade to version 1.5, which is one of the really cool things about subscribing to a service is that it is updated on the service side. As for the AIS agent, you can either update it yourself, or have it self-update through Microsoft Update.  You can expect to see new areas on the AIS console when you next log in, and depending on how long it takes for all your clients to upgrade themselves (typically about 24 hours), you'll have a fresh inventory and will be able to start uploading your license agreement information.  During the preview phase, we are inviting customers to try AIS 1.5 out and to provide their feedback and input on their experience. We hope to use this feedback to improve the service further before making the final release available. Note that this is not beta quality software, but is ready-for-primetime!   To submit feedback on your 1.5 experience, please go to our feedback forum at    All current users of AIS will also be receiving an email directly from us to prompt them that this version of the service is now available.

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