Announcing App-V Partnerships from TechED in Barcelona, Spain!

Hello from TechEd EMEA in sunny Barcelona!  Sean Donahue from the App-V Partner Program has been working hard to create strong partnerships with various ISVs to create add-on solutions for App-V to meet your business needs.   This marks a significant (and really inspiring!) change in the year since IT Forum 2007 where most ISV’s had barely heard of SoftGrid, and were waiting to see what Microsoft was going to do in the application virtualization space.   Here at TechEd EMEA, we’re proud to announce partnerships with the following ISVs:


Intel continues to demonstrate how its current vPro technology complements the recently released SCCM R2 and App-V 4.5 to achieve IT’s objectives of Green Computing and reduced TCO. Through the management console with SCCM R2, vPro’s unique Remote Wake technology can power up a client computer and dynamically deploy App-V advertised virtual applications. vPro can then shut the machine down again to help organizations, save costs, conserve energy, and provide an  enhanced end-user experience.


 Makers of the most popular packaging product, “AdminStudio”, Acresso will announce that their packaging product will soon be able to take a physical application and create both an MSI and App-V Virtual application packages simultaneously.  In addition, at release time, AdminStudio will be able to read an existing MSI and from its content, generate an App-V SFT file. This feature promises to save customers significant time when moving their applications to the virtualized format. One tool, one process for your physical and virtual application packaging needs.


 AppTitude is an application compatibility platform which rapidly identifies application issues based on a comprehensive import of each application’s “DNA”. AppTitude Virtualization Manager for Microsoft App-V highlights properties and behaviours which make applications unsuitable or problematic for virtualization and identifies co-dependent resources. Additionally, AppTitude production manager facilitates the creation of App-V sequences using the App-V Sequencer as part of its import process.


  Makers of AspenTech Engineering Suite have already issued a declarative support statement, best practices document and prescriptive guidance around using AES with App-V. They have also worked with Microsoft on a joint case study on how they had a customer win at BASF in Germany by using their applications on App-V.  AspenTech is a great example of how a mainstream ISV has enabled their application to be optimized for both physical and virtual environments.


 PolicyPortal allows for turn-key management of remote users, servers or home based computers connecting to a corporate LAN all over an internet connection. By teaming with Microsoft Cloud Services PolicyPortal can scale to any number of devices seamlessly. In a project with the Government of Ethiopia, FullArmor will start to deploy a custom application to the Educators of this developing country by leveraging Windows Azure, Vista and App-V for the streaming delivery and updates of this application. Initially this will start with 30,000 teachers and after successful deployment their goal is to expand it to the rest of the teachers in Ethiopia.


  Makers of the Steelhead appliance WAN accelerator, Riverbed will announce the results of their testing efforts with App-V. By using Steelhead in a branch office scenario Riverbed’s results show that streaming applications can be improved by a factor of 9x. Over a T1 link with 100 ms latency PowerPoint was taken from an initial stream of 68 seconds down to 26 seconds. This streaming result is focused on the cold hit user, that user that performs the initial stream in the branch office. Users their after will stream via a warm hit.


Special Operations Software’s Specops Virtual Deploy allows for the distribution and management of native Microsoft App-V packages through existing Group Policy infrastructures. Specops Virtual Deploy is a great solution for medium and small sized organizations. Using only their existing infrastructure, organizations will not only benefit directly from the management of Microsoft App-V packages, they can also, using the same Group Policy infrastructure, manage the deployment and configuration of the actual App-V client itself. Specops Virtual Deploy, being a full Group Policy Extension, is fully manageable  from MDOP’s Advanced Group Policy Management (Advanced Group Policy Management) which also enhances the organizations investment in MDOP.  


Next Up:  Daily Partner Q/A on the above solutions.  Have an ISV solution or application that you’d like to see integrated with App-V?  Email Sean, and let him know what you’re looking for!

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  1. Anonymous says:

    Just wanted to highlight a few partner announcements I’ve heard and seen at the show today in Barcelona.

  2. Anonymous says:

    Over on the MDOP blog , Jameel Khalfan posted some new announcements regarding the 64-bit support roadmap

  3. Jason Kennedy says:

    Pls check out the vPro Expert Center community site for add’l details on how Intel’s close collaboration with Microsoft on App-V is delivering unique business value for IT and end-users.

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