Get Ready to Optimize Your Desktop – Part2 – New TOOLS for deploying and managing App-V now available!


Yesterday I shared the new whitepapers that we recently posted to the App-V TechCenter, today I want to share the great tools that are now available for App-V.  These are great resources to help you deploy and manage your App-V environment.  Take a look, it's worth your time!


·      App-V ADM Template -  Ensuring that your clients are configured correctly and consistently across your enterprise can save many headaches and troubleshooting time.  The ADM template is a powerful set of configurations to help reduce the need to manually configure these App-V settings as they can be applied quickly and easily through group policy across your entire enterprise.  See the App-V ADM Template whitepaper for more info.

·     App-V Security and Configuration Wizard We’ve spent a ton of time in this release to ensure that the product meets the high security standards our customers demand.  We realize that each business has specific needs and that changes to the default security are eminent.  So to make sure you don’t open up port by accident or create an unintentional attack surface, the App-V Security and Configuration Wizard can help you to configure your App-V Infrastructure correctly.   Also check out the App-V Security Whitepapers for additional complimenting information.

·     App-V Best Practice Analyzer – Did you know that most outages are caused by human error or misconfiguration.  Not because we do it on purpose, just because we’re human and it happens.  While our installer is fairly simple and straightforward, each business will have a level of configuration customization to meet their business needs.  This tool will help you identify and reduce those configuration mistakes along the way.  It’s a great tool to help keep your systems up and running, no matter which IT staff member is on duty.

·     App-V Management Pack for Microsoft System Center Operations Manager  - You want to know there is an issue BEFORE a user calls the helpdesk with a complaint.  You want to know that a server is maximized BEFORE the user sees degradation in service.  You want to MANAGE your SLA targets rather MISSING them.  To achieve success in these areas you need to be made aware of how the infrastructure is performing so that you can proactively manage it rather than reactively responding to it.  The Management Pack is designed to maximize Application Virtualization Server availability for handling Application Virtualization Client requests. It delivers an enterprise-level solution to proactively monitor Microsoft Application Virtualization 4.5 server systems.


For more technical discussion on each of the components please keep an eye on the App-V Blog.


That’s all for now, stay tuned for more updates, we’re headed to Barcelona next week for TechED EMEA!

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    Yesterday must have been The Day Of The Tool as not only did our very own Andrew Montgomery post on the

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    Great post, explained really well and I could really understand. Thank you.

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