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We’ll focus on educating about App-V.  Here is the session abstract and for you reference.  Interested, get yourself registered and check it out!


ES32: Microsoft Application Virtualization 

Abstract: Microsoft Application Virtualization (App-V), formerly known as Microsoft Softgrid Application Virtualization, is one of the fastest growing enterprise products in Microsoft’s history. App-V allows enterprises to create and customize “virtual packages” of rich desktop applications that can easily be streamed over the web providing a SAAS experience without a costly rewrite of the application. App-V also provides isolation between applications to prevent conflicts associated with “dll hell”. In this session you will learn why many enterprises are adopting App-V to gain the deployment, test and support cost savings achieved by moving to virtual applications.  You will also understand the impact of this technology on your applications and learn how to improve your application experience when it is virtualized using App-V


Session Day/Time: Monday 10/27/08 17:15-18:30

Location - Room: 515A

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    If you’re going to be at the Professional Developers Conference (PDC) this week then you owe it to yourself

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