Worldwide Partner Conference Is Here!

WPC is here and our team is having a blast talking to people at the booth and throughout the conference. We really enjoyed talking to everyone who stopped by our booth. Just a reminder to those of you at WPC who haven't stopped by to say hi, make sure you do before the conference ends!

Hopefully by now you've all gotten a chance to see Allison Watson's Keynote address either in person or on the web, but for those of you who missed it, you can check it out at in the keynotes tab. If you skip ahead to 1:51 you can watch our very own Jameel Khalfan demo the Replaceable PC.

Jameel dropping "Replaceable PC"

Using Windows Vista Enterprise, Bitlocker, Profile Virtualization, and Application Virtualization, we were able to take a laptop with all of Allison's settings, backgrounds, files, and applications and drop it off the stage.  Then we logged into a brand new laptop with her credentials and all of her data, settings, and applications instantly came down.  This is a great solution that our customers and partners can implement today to help reduce costs and downtime for end users.  Even if the PC is lost or stolen, Bitlocker will keep the data protected.  Plus, it is a pretty impressive demo.

Thanks again to everyone out there for making WPC such a success!


-- Varun Chirravuri on behalf of the MDOP team

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