Quick Fix: You are unable to install the System Center Mobile Device Manager 2008 Admin Tools if Windows Powershell was upgraded

toolsignAttempting to install the System Center Mobile Device Manager 2008 (SCMDM) Administrator Console or the Software Distribution console on a server or workstation fails with the following error:

Setup detected a missing prerequisite.

Windows PowerShell 1.0 or higher is required to install the Mobile Device Manager Management Console

and the Mobile Device Manager Software Distribution Console.

This error can occur even if Windows Powershell is installed on the server.


The Setup program looks in the following registry key to determine if Windows Powershell is installed:


If the registry value of PowerShellVersion is not 1.0, the Prerequisite checker will fail validation.


Remove Powershell 2.0 from the server or workstation and install Powershell 1.0. If the Windows Management Framework Core package (KB968930) is installed, Powershell 2.0 can't be uninstalled separately so the entire package must be uninstalled.

The WMF Core package, or Windows Powershell 2.0, can be reinstalled after the SCMDM Admin tools have been installed.

Rich Pesenko | Senior Support Escalation Engineer

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Comments (2)

  1. Rajsekhar Banerjee says:

    Hey Rich…thanks a lot for this post… I was experinceing the same issue.. your fix resolved it…

    ~ Raj

  2. Rob says:

    pffft what???????????????

    windows 8 or 8.1 what a mess, try to install mobile device centre a hundred or more times and fail every time.

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