Webcast: Windows Mobile 6.1 and Mobile Device Manager 2008: The Gateway to Your Corporate Network

imageWe have a fairly new System Center Mobile Device Manager webcast available in case you haven’t already seen it.  This one is about an hour long and discusses how to configure MDM so that uses can access the corporate network right from their Windows Mobile phone.  How cool is that?  I have the event description and a link below:

Event Overview

So, you are using Microsoft System Center Mobile Device Manager 2008 and Windows Mobile 6.1. Now what? You probably know that Mobile Device Manager can manage, secure, and install software on your phones. But did you know Mobile Device Manager also gives your users the potential to control the PC at their desk and access everything they need on the corporate network, including file shares, Microsoft Office SharePoint Server, instant messaging, and internal Web pages. In this webcast, we present the best practices for a Mobile Device Manager installation that provides users with access to everything they need in the corporate network through their phone and (just as important) denies access to resources mobile users don't need. We review the basics of Mobile Device Manager and IP security (IPsec) virtual private networks (VPNs), and we discuss the tools that users can take advantage of so they can work wherever they would like using their phone. Discover how Mobile Device Manager eliminates the need to expose your organization's Microsoft Exchange Server to the Internet.

Presenter: Anthony Spencer, Mobility Consultant, Enterprise Mobile

To view the webcast visit http://msevents.microsoft.com/CUI/WebCastEventDetails.aspx?EventID=1032407363&EventCategory=5&culture=en-US&CountryCode=US

J.C. Hornbeck | Manageability Knowledge Engineer

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