Obtener propiedades de Analysis Services que ya no están por defecto en Powershell

A continuación, encontrará un script de ejemplo en las propiedades de PowerShell para ver los valores que ya no están en Analysis Services por defecto:


$serverName = "serverName\SQL2008_InstanceName"

# Load the AMO assembly in Powershell

# Create a server object
$serverAS = New-Object Microsoft.AnalysisServices.Server

# Connect to your Analysis Services server

# Creation of my dataset to store my result
$myDS = new-object System.Data.DataSet
$myDS.Tables["myDS"].Columns.Add("name",[string])| out-null
$myDS.Tables["myDS"].Columns.Add("value",[string])| out-null
$myDS.Tables["myDS"].Columns.Add("defaultvalue",[string])| out-null

# Browsing all properties to see which one has been changed  
foreach($b in $serverAS.ServerProperties | SELECT name,value,defaultvalue )
    # Check if the current value is different from the default value
    if ($b.value -ne $b.defaultvalue)
        # Add a new row to my Data Set
        $dr = $myDS.Tables["myDS"].NewRow()
        # Fill the cells
        $dr["name"] =  $b.name;
        $dr["value"] = $b.value.ToString();
        $dr["defaultvalue"] = $b.defaultvalue;



# Query the result
$myDS.Tables["myDS"] | SELECT  name,value,defaultvalue;


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