Installation of SQL Server 2008 clusters on Windows 2008 Step 4 : Add a new node

Installation step by step of SQL Server 2008 clustering on Windows 2008
    Step 1 : Validation wizard
    Step 2 : Pre-check
    Step 3 : Installation of the first node
    Step 4 : Add a new node
    Step 5: Apply a service pack or hotfix on a SQL cluster

1. Start the installation from the passive node and select "Add node to a SQL Server failover cluster"

Cluster 2008 add nove
2. The System Configuration Checker runs a discovery operation on your computer. To continue, click "OK". You can view the details on the screen by clicking "Show Details", or as an HTML report by clicking "View detailed report".
cluster 2008 add node 

3. On the License Terms page, read the license agreement, and then select the check box to accept the license terms and conditions. Click Next to continue. Then, on the Setup Support Files page, click Install to install the setup support files.

Cluster SQL 2008 add node
4. The System Configuration Checker verifies the system state of your computer before Setup continues. After the check is complete, click Next to continue. You can view the details on the screen by clicking Show Details, or as an HTML report by clicking View detailed report.

Correct problems that are carryovers from the list of rules. Errors are blocking, but not warnings. A good practice is to correct all errors and warnings.

5. On the Cluster Node Configuration, using field SQL Server instance name to select the name of the instance of SQL Server 2008 failover cluster that must be added during installation

Cluster SQL 2008 Add nove
6. The "Service Accounts", specify the account to the SQL Server. Services that are configured on this page are the components you selected during installation. For a clustered installation, account information and the startup type will be informed automatically based elements of the first installation. You need to provide the passwords for each account.
SQL 2008 cluster failover add nove 

Security note: Do not use the password blank. Use a strong password.

7. When you specify the information password for the SQL Server, click Next.

8. The "Ready to Add Node" appears and shows the installation options that you specified during setup.

Cluster SQL 2008 add node
9. The Add Node Progress page provides status so you can monitor add node progress as Setup proceeds.
Cluster failover SQL 2008 add node 

10. To complete the SQL Server installation process, click Close.

Cluster failover SQL 2008 add node

 The installation of your cluster 2 nodes is completed 🙂

How to: Add or Remove Nodes in a SQL Server Failover Cluster (Setup)


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